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Data driven risk management

AuditCover is an insurtech solution for tax audit insurance and risk mitigation solving a pain point for accountants and tax advisors.



The Australian Tax Office (ATO) is cracking down on tax fraud by increasing funding for its tax avoidance task force and ramping up audit activities, targeting millions of individuals and businesses. But this process is far from transparent and results in more accountants and their clients getting caught up in the audit activities, and incurring costs as a result. 


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AuditCover Key Features

Simplify – AuditCover simplifies the process of protecting tax payers against the rising cost and frequency of tax audits.

Automate – AuditCover uses digital technology to automate the quote, bind and renewal process of tax audit insurance cover, reducing the friction for conversion and retention of cover.

Optimise – AuditCover is an insurance tech business that exists to make the taxation process fairer and more transparent. Our goal is to not only help accountants and their clients transfer the costs and risk of audit but also manage and reduce their risk with data driven insights.



Adi Snir is a founding team member, and General Manager at AuditCover Australia. His professional background in sales and marketing, and academic background in law and arts, combined with early success at legal tech start-up LegalVision, has shaped Adi into an astute and entrepreneurial manager. Adi has his eyes firmly set on reshaping the way insurance is currently delivered and distributed.

AuditCover Managing Director Adi Snir

It’s been a privilege receiving support and guidance from Simon and Nick (and the entire Insurtech Gateway team), particularly coming from a completely different professional background, and having some clear knowledge gaps at the outset of this journey.

Adi Snir


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