Venture Capital basics

Is venture capital your angel investor?

“As a decade of growth in venture capital investment falters amid uncertain economic conditions, one thing remains constant: VCs will […]

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Why Lemonade is highly valued

In this piece, we explore the polarising question on Lemonade’s valuation.
Lemonade’s IPO consolidates its valuation at a remarkably high level, relative to their current state here’s why… […]

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Why Insurtech doesn’t get the funding it deserves


The current blip on the investment numbers aside, Insurtech as a vertical does not attract its fair share of funding.

Australia is ranked 5th (out of 137 countries) on the Global Entrepreneurial Index, and one of our strongest attributes is Risk Capital¹.

Yet insurtech founders do not receive proportionate funding compared with other start-up verticals like Agri-food Tech and Edtech. […]

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April Investment Update

Insurtech update April 2020

Navigating the downturn. Insurtech Gateway Australia is about action that will lead to disruptive innovation. While some are busy talking, we are testing new ideas in the market. While many are zagging, we are zigging! […]

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